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Northern Star LLC is the initiator of a project to develop one of the world's largest coal deposits, Syradasaiskoye, the resources of which are estimated at more than 5 bn tonnes. The project involves the creation of the West Taymyr industrial cluster, where the main facilities will be an open-pit coal mine with an annual capacity of up to 10 mn tonnes and a refinery to produce coal concentrates from coking coal.

Our mission

Providing Russian and global metallurgy with high-quality coking coal concentrates and metallurgical coke by creating the West Taymyr industrial cluster at the Syradasaiskoye deposit, which will strengthen the Russian Federation's position in the global coking coal market and contribute to the development of the North Sea Route.


Our values

Our activities are built on the basic principles and values of sustainable development, which are integrated into all business processes and play an important role in ensuring the company's long-term stability and competitiveness.

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